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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I have had the thought of breast augmentation on my mind for many years due to lowered self confidence and never developing normal shaped breasts like those around me. I constantly struggled to find bras and clothing that would fit due to the odd tubular and uneven shape of my breasts. I did not think I would have the opportunity of this procedure due to living interstate and was not comfortable with traveling for the consultations, so having Dr Choy practice in my town was super convenient and made my decision so much easier. My experience pre and post op with Dr Choy was amazing! I was very happy and relieved after my first consultation with Dr Choy as he made me feel extremely comfortable and discussed everything in detail; he not only listened to my wants and needs but gave his professional opinion on what he thought would best suit my body shape as well. Leading up to the surgery day I was not nervous at all! I was super excited to get started on the procedure and knew I was in good hands and couldn’t wait to begin the recovery process. I knew it would not be the most comfortable recovery, but healing post op went as well as I expected. The tight feeling in my chest and readjusting to having larger and symmetrical breasts was a different feeling to get used to, but after the first week post op, I am already so much happier and a lot more confident when wearing clothes. Meeting Dr Choy and having this surgery has by far been the best experience and decision I have made. I cannot thank him enough for giving me the confidence I have always wanted!