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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Breast Augmentation

I’ve always been flat chested, they run in the family! While body image was a bit of a struggle in my teens, I’ve had no issues with self-love since.... Yet I still knew I’d simply love to have boobs one day.
I had decided to wait until after kids as I didn’t want to risk impacting breastfeeding, so the first winter after I weaned my little one I started researching surgeons. The most important factor for me was the ability to achieve a natural look with the shape and position of a small implant.
I found Dr Ellis Choy online and after seeing several images of his natural results made an appointment through his lovely team. Dr Choy really took the time to listen to what I wanted, what outcome I hoped to achieve and take time explaining the entire procedure. The experience with his team at Zilver Lining was incredibly warm, understanding and supportive. I’ve had concerns before and after which have been addressed so quickly! The day of the surgery came around quickly.
I shed a little tear of nerves before falling asleep on the surgical bed, but trusted I was in good hands. I woke feeling pain free just a little tight. The next few days were fine, I needed pain meds really only at night to sleep, and was off them in by day four.
It takes a bit of getting used to your pecs not being able to do anything for the first week or two – even cutting vegetables was a challenge!
I have a little 3 yr old so the hardest thing was not being able to lift him up, and I’ve missed my daily yoga practice. The breasts. I love the size, they are exactly as big as breastfeeding boobs were and what I hoped for. Shape wise I’m scared they still look so round and unnatural in the upper pole, especially from side profile, but need to remind myself its only week 3! And prey for drop and fluff to be a reality. The scars are so fine and the bruising was barely there ... pretty incredible surgical skills! All in all, while I’m impatiently looking forward to seeing how they settle into shape over the next few months, it’s been a great surgical experience so far. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr Choy and his wonderful team to anyone considering breast augmentation. You will feel supported and in brilliant surgical hands.