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Patient review

sexyhot 01/11/2015

Breast Augmentation

I am a very busy 37 years old, working mum with 2 teenagers. I have considered a breast augmentation as I wanted to achieve a natural full looking breast result. I was unhappy about my deflated breast from pregnancy and breast feeding and loss of the firmness and they look quite flat if I don't wear a push-up bra. I have finally decided on a surgeon after searching for over a year for the best and reputable surgeon. I found Dr Choy and he gave me a very good impression from all the reviews I've seen online. So I have made an appointment to visit Dr Choy for a consultation and found him and his team (Siobhan and Tina) are very caring and made me feel comfortable to proceed with having the procedure done through him. Dr Choy and his lovely team have been very specific and gave me all the guides and details I needed to be aware and to plan before the operation. They pretty much covered everything I needed to know. And I didn't really know what size I wanted or should go for and Dr Choy helped me figure it out and he suggested 325g silicone implants which I went for in the end after deciding between 300 – 350g. Recovery has been very smooth and some discomfort and sensitive nipples for the first few weeks. I'm 8 weeks post op now and still getting a little sensitive and dry nipples but apart from that no other discomfort really. Scars are recovering very well too. I'm very pleased with the result and my breast have settled to the perfect size for my figure. Now my body is proportionate and looks good in any dresses. I've also received many compliments from my friends too. I started out as a 32B and now I'm a 32D (just bought some new bras) and I love it! I can't wait to go for more bras and bikini shopping this week!