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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Jodie 01/11/2015

Tummy Tuck

After having twins my tummy was extremely stretched and my abdominal wall had split. From this I also began to have issues like lower back pain & poor posture. I had a c-section scar (from twin 2) that also made my abdomen dip in & my "pouch" hang over. I was very self-conscious about my tummy and what clothing I could disguise it with. I wasn’t happy so I decided to do something about it almost 3 years later so I started searching the Internet for a plastic surgeon who performed Abdominoplasty. In my findings I came across Dr Ellis Choy from Zilver lining who was on the plastic surgery forum, so I made an appointment with him for a consultation. I was very happy, comfortable & confident in Dr Choy, that I booked in for a surgery date that day. He was very precise on the procedure and the recovery that made me feel even more at ease in choosing him. The whole team at Zilver Lining are also very helpful and wonderful. The procedure went just as planned and my recovery is also going well. I am now 2 months post op and am very pleased with my result. I can't remember the "before" and when I look back at my pre-op pics. I just can't believe the difference. Not just the look of my new tummy amazes me but also noticing my posture has improved. I highly recommend Dr Ellis Choy when choosing to have Abdominoplasty.