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Patient review

ArtyMumma 01/12/2015

Breast Augmentation

Hi! I’m a 31 year old Mum of 4 boys. I had always had small breasts prior to having children and although I was happy with my small A cups I did hope for bigger breasts. I’ve always loved the look of full breasts as I feel they look beautiful and feminine. After breastfeeding my sons my breasts were left deflated with extra skin but no breast tissue to fill it out! Although I am proud of my body and its ability to carry and feed my children, I did feel I’d lost some of my femininity as a woman. I hated that I couldn’t fill out tops properly and I would wear a padded bra each day just to add some definition to my flat chest! When clothes shopping I’d often have to buy training bras to fit me and I’d envy the larger variety of clothing bigger breasted women could choose from. Any top that required cleavage would simply hang off me! Recently I finally found myself in a position to afford the option of breast augmentation. At first I didn’t know where to start! There seemed to be so much information to digest and so many surgeons to choose from. During my search I came across Plastic Surgery Forum and I’m so happy I did!! I found Dr. Choy through this site and after reading through his reviews I knew I’d found the right surgeon for me. After visiting Dr. Choy’s website and talking with his lovely staffs on the phone I was so confident he was the right surgeon for me that I put down a large deposit on the procedure straight away in order to secure an operation date from his busy schedule! During my consultation, Dr Choy was lovely and very thorough. He explained the procedure and answered any questions I had. I fully trusted his recommendations regarding the size and placement of my implants. When I arrived for my last pre-op appointments the day before my surgery I was quite nervous but my worries were put to rest as soon as I saw Dr Choy and his amazing staffs. What made the experience so much easier was the fact that my airport transfers and accommodation were all taken care of and that really helped me relax and enjoy the experience. The surgery itself was far less scary than I thought it would be. The theater staffs were so welcoming and caring. I am absolutely thrilled with my results. Dr. Choy has done an amazing job. I am now a 10DD and I couldn’t be happier! I feel so much more confident with my body. I’ve bought a new bikini and can’t wait to show it off! I love the way clothing fits me and I’ve received lots of complements. I think my new breasts compliment my body and my healthy self-image wonderfully. Thank you so much Dr. Choy!