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Patient review

feeling22 01/11/2015

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I am 22 years old and I had a breast reduction with Dr Ellis Choy in early November 2015. From start to finish, the process has been really smooth and I have been taken care of extremely well by Dr Choy and his wonderful team. I found Dr Choy on the plastic surgery forum and was impressed with the reviews that I read here. I liked his past work because it looked really natural yet each before and after showed such a nice result. Since I can remember, I have really struggled with the size of my breasts. They were always big for my frame and no matter how much my weight fluctuated; they tended to remain the same. A big part of my reason for a reduction was the emotional and psychological factors. I felt that I couldn’t wear nice lower cut tops or any sort of button up shirt because it attracted a lot of unwanted attention towards my breasts or they just wouldn’t fit well. I was also getting some back and shoulder pain and had trouble with my posture. I felt that I was carrying around extra weight that I just couldn’t shake. After the breast reduction I love looking at my breasts in the mirror. They are really perky and have a great shape. They are proportionate to my body and still look full without looking overly big. More than this, I can fit into the right size clothing for the rest of my body, and can wear singlets and button up shirts that fit properly. I felt the difference on my back and shoulders straight away and it is making it so much easier to enjoy working out at the gym and yoga, my movement has become freer and less burdened. Overall I was extremely impressed with Dr Choy and his team. He always made the time to answer all of my questions and he took the time to understand the reasons I wanted the surgery and my desired result. Dr Choy made sure he understood my circumstances before explaining the specific benefits and risks relevant to me. After the surgery I was really impressed with how neat and tidy the scars were, he was able to do a limited scar technique which was great. The follow up care after the surgery has been outstanding. I have had regular check ups to make sure everything is healing on track and Dr Choy’s care certainly goes above and beyond. All of the ladies in his office are so kind, caring and friendly. They always remembered who I was and asked how I was doing as well as answering all my questions throughout the whole process. I’m forever thankful for the wonderful work by Dr Choy and his lovely team.