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Patient review

SmallandFabulous 01/05/2015

Breast Reduction

I am 22 years old, now almost three months post breast reduction surgery & I could not be happier! I developed large breasts through puberty and, over time, low self-confidence and self-esteem led me to avoid many social situations simply because I felt I was being judged by people who didn’t understand that there is more to a person than their breasts. I ended up wearing a 16H bra and I hated it! Shopping for clothes, especially bras, was a complete nightmare, not to mention expensive!

At age 16 I knew I wanted a breast reduction. I wanted to be able to walk out in public and blend into the crowd instead of having people, especially men, stare at me everywhere I went. I didn’t want to spend every day of my life suffering back and neck pain. I wanted to be able to go running and exercise, do the everyday activities most people take for granted but which for me were always so difficult because my large bust always weighed me down and got in the way.

As an agency nurse, working in many different hospitals, I asked around the industry about different surgeons who specialised in breast reduction surgery. I met with one surgeon in Brisbane, but after 15 minutes I just didn’t feel comfortable with him. 

I then stopped searching for a year or so, due to financial reasons, then in September 2014 I nursed two girls recovering from breast reductions. This inspired me to start searching for a surgeon again. After hearing their stories and seeing the smiles on their faces, I wanted to be in their place. I wanted to know the feeling of waking up and being a new person. 

Shortly after, I came across Dr Choy after being referred by my mum who had also been searching for the right surgeon on my behalf in New South Wales. I booked in to see him and was instantly impressed. Dr Choy had a very welcoming and safe presence about him. Breast reduction is a very personal and invasive procedure but Dr Choy always made me feel comfortable. At our first appointment I spent about 1 hour with him. I was able to ask questions, tell him my story and voice all my concerns. Every time I saw Dr Choy before my surgery he was so thorough and caring. He always asked if I had any other questions or concerns and he was very honest in his answers.

I can honestly say that come the day of surgery, I was relaxed and felt 100% prepared for the experience. The results are amazing and I have never been happier. People now compliment me on how good I look and how much more confident I seem. I am now a perky and symmetrical 16D! Trusting Dr Choy was the best choice I ever made!