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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Cinder 01/06/2015

Breast Implant Revision

Recently my right implant (of 17 years) deflated. I was mortified!

I would have to have surgery one way or another and needed to make a decision to either have my implants removed or have them replaced. I began an online search for a local surgeon and interviewed several. Each surgeon varied in price a little and knowledge and empathy a lot. I knew I had the right place when I phoned Doctor Choy’s office. The ladies in the office were AMAZING, each and every one of them. They were knowledgeable, empathetic and patient with my repeated phone calls and questions but what sealed the deal was my interview with Dr. Choy. He took the time to call me at home at 7:30 at night and sat on the phone with me for over an hour answering my questions (I was in tears much of the time) and easing my fears. I knew he was my surgeon. 

My husband and I drove to Sydney from Coffs Harbour for surgery the following week. We continued to be impressed with their professionalism and support when we arrived at Zilver Linings (Dr Choy’s office) for our consultation and initial face-to-face meeting with Dr. Choy and his staff. They were A+ from the word go. They went out of their way more than once to accommodate my needs and requests (Including Dr Choy hand delivering my hand bag that I had left behind in my hotel.

BTW. My decision was to have my implants replaced. My surgery was very successful. Doctor Choy did a fantastic job in explaining to me all of my options (as there were more than I would have thought) I’m SO happy with the end results (My husband is too ;) In the end the whole experience was actually a little fun. My husband and I enjoyed two nights together in Sydney in a fantastic hotel (suggested by Dr Choy’s staff) that was within walking distance from the surgery. I’m now four weeks post op and feeling great and happy with my decision.