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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Irmgard 12/02/2016


It has been 6 weeks since I had my arm reduction surgery 18 months after my thigh reduction. Dr Choy is very pleased with the healing of my arms and everything is doing great. I am feeling well and delighted with the results so far. I had post-ponded my first scheduled arm reductions in June 2015 due to bad health and re-scheduled for February 2016. Like my thigh reduction experience, Dr Choy made me feel very comfortable and relaxed as he explained everything about the procedure and showed me what I would look like after the procedure. I have always found Dr Choy to be professional, caring, informative and devoted in giving me the best possible surgical result. He also explained the risks involved in having the surgery and answered all my questions making me feel confident and informed about this procedure. This time round, Dr Choy also advised me that the government had made changes to the lipectomy item numbers for this procedure but because I re-scheduled back in June and was having the surgery before the end of March, we were still able to claim under these item numbers. However, I still encountered problem with the health insurer like previously when I had my thigh reductions done but this time the private hospital wanted assurance that I would pay the bill if the health fund knocked it back. So once again I had added stress prior to the surgery by the health insurer and the private hospital but Dr Choy and his staff were fantastic once again and everything was given the OK by the health insurer. But I still had to sign the paperwork for the hospital in case the insurer changed their mind when the Hospital made a claim. I had chosen to have the arm reduction because of the excess skin from my weight loss was putting more pressure on my arthritic and problem shoulders. I have had two shoulder operations but still had problems with my shoulders and at the moment the pain has eased from my shoulders making me feel better within myself. I’m forever grateful for his expertise and wonderful care in sculpturing my arms because even at only 6 weeks since the operation I can see such a big difference in the before and after. The care given by Dr Choy and his staff and the private hospital during my recovery was fantastic and reassuring. I would highly recommend Dr Ellis Choy and his team at Zilver Lining to anyone considering plastic surgery procedures as they are very professional, informative, caring, polite, helpful and very supportive through all the visits from first consultation to post-operative visits and even the phone calls I made. The results I have so far are much better than I could have ever imagined. Dr Choy is an extremely talented Plastic Surgeon who has given me absolutely fantastic results and has changed my life for the better once again!