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 Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Wilhelmina 02/03/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I have never really been large breasted, but since menopause 21 years ago my breasts seem to have grown out of proportion, with all the discomfort such as sore back, neck pain, headaches, rash under the breasts, not being able to run etc. Buying a decent bra was just about impossible, I often would come out of David Jones crying, because my size was not there or the bras looked like a harness. A friend of mine had her breasts reduced (we are talking 2001) and said it was the best thing she had ever done, so I decided to see her plastic surgeon, because of my financial situation at the time I could not have the operation. Logical thinking of me was, that if I lose weight, my boobs will get smaller too, forget it, that’s not how it works. So I just kept living with those oversize breasts. By now it was Jan 2016, I am 71 years of age, and finally had enough of those big boobs and thought it’s now or never. I started surfing the internet for a suitable plastic surgeon, how do you pick one you might ask, simple, just read the reviews of different happy patients, who have been operated by different plastic surgeons. I came across Dr Ellis Choy, who had many happy patients, and made an appointment with him. The first consultation I had with Dr Choy I knew I was going to have my operation done by him, he put me at ease, everything was being explained beautifully, he took his time, I could have a lolli-pop scar, or I think he said the anchor scar approach, because of the size of my breast the last one would be more successful, what size would I like to be he asked, at the time I was a size 38F I suggested that he’s the expert surgeon and leave it to him, do I have any questions??????????????? No, it was all explained. It is now 3 weeks after my operation, I can not tell any one how happy I feel by having had this done, can not wait to go and "just" buy a pretty bra, being able to move around and not being top heavy anymore. Dr Choy opted for a size 38C/D, because of the swelling I am not sure what size I am yet, but that does not spoil my enthusiasm to feel great. Ladies it does not matter what age you are, if the boobs are in the way, have them reduced, like me you wish you had it done 21 years ago.