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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

CHolmes 17/02/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

Before I had my breast reduction surgery, I was 24 years old, size 14G, 5ft 1 and weighed only 57 kilos. I felt like I had more breast than body. I have suffered all the psychological and physical damage associated with having large breasts. For so long the impact of having such large breasts was having such a negative effect on me both mentally and physically, it had just become too much. Coming across Dr Ellis Choy in my search for the right plastic surgeon to do my surgery has been an absolute blessing in my life! At my initial consultation, my fiance and I sat with Dr. Choy for a good while and went over what I wanted and what he could offer. We walked out feeling like we didn't need to look for another surgeon at all because we got a really great and professional vibe from the whole experience. On the day of my surgery everything went smoothly, it was a complete success. Upon seeing my breasts without the compression bra for the first time I nearly started crying. From having such pendulous, large and un-youthful breasts from such a young age I had never known what it was like to actually love the look of them now. To really feel beautiful and prideful in the way you look is an amazing feeling! Dr Choy was so thorough, both he and his team at Zilver Lining made it such a stress-free and smooth journey. They are really there for you at all times. They guide you so fluidly and make sure you know all the risks, what you can expect, what they can do for you and were honest throughout the whole process. Every question was answered so I was completely confident I had found the perfect surgeon with a flawless team, and that I was making the right decision to go through with the surgery. Dr Choy did an amazing job on my breasts, they are now the perfect size and shape! Dr Choy is also the type of person you feel comfortable with straight away, he is kind and welcoming and his team are so lovely and go out of their way to do anything you need in the most efficient way possible. Now I feel like a brand new person, I have gone out and bought new clothes and will soon be able to wear and feel comfortable in my first real bikini. Mentally I wake up every day with a smile on my face knowing I'll never have to deal with all of the negative things my breasts caused ever again. I could not be happier, I cannot thank and recommend Dr Choy and his team enough for giving me this amazing new lease on life. I plan on losing a bit more weight and can now exercise comfortably to be able to fit into my dream wedding dress. I cannot wait for what the future holds for me!