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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Lex 19/11/2015


Hi, I’m 18yrs old and from a young age I’ve had aspirations to be a professional dancer. In my early teenage years I began to notice my nose was changing and I didn’t like it, it was bent, had a bump on it, hooked over when I smiled, was too long for my face and was difficult to breathe from. As time went on I became very self-conscious about my looks and would always be aware of the angle I held my head, especially for a photo. My self-esteem and confidence was becoming lower as time went on due to my appearance, and knowing that my choice of career depended on all of those factors. In mid 2015 whilst studying for my HSC, my niece accidentally broke my nose with her head and altered my nose again, causing me distress. I was referred to an ENT specialist to assess my nose as now one side of it was totally blocked and it was bent more, I may need to consider surgery. The surgeon told me he could fix my nose so it was functional but there was nothing he could do about its appearance. So, as I now felt even worse about my appearance, I was referred to Dr Ellis Choy for further evaluation. Upon meeting Dr Choy accompanied by my mum, I found him friendly, professional and inviting. His humour put me at ease, but most of all, his caring personality and concern for my wellbeing was very reasurring and he made my concerns for my appearance validated. He was genuine in his desire and ability to help me overcome my physical, emotional and mental barriers. Due to my HSC commitments my rhinosetoplasty operation was scheduled for after completion of my exams. The operation went smoothly. I had no complications and no pain afterwards, to my surprise! I immediately noticed my new physical appearance and feel my whole demeanour changed. Other than being tender and having to be careful not to bump my nose, I was able to resume my normal activities, including a dance concert 3 weeks later. I’d like to thank Dr Choy so much for giving me my confidence and self-esteem back. I’m now studying at a performing arts school and am no longer self conscious about my looks. I’m now confident to wear my hair off my face, have photos taken, appear in advertisements, dance on stage, and anticipate auditions. I am now learning to sing, which I never felt any confidence in doing before, my ability to breathe has also helped here. In particular, I really appreciate the time Dr Choy took with me in explaining the procedure and the expected outcomes, and the manner in which he cared for my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. I honestly feel that he treated me like a family member and not just a client, and I am forever grateful for the beautiful nose that he gave me. Thank You So Much!