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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

  • Zilver Lining Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review

Michelle67 25/03/2015

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I got to my late 40’s and realised that I could no longer tolerate my large saggy breasts. They were an uncomfortable 18DD. I hated the look and the feel of them. After 12 months of research I decided to consult a Special Plastic Surgeon. Dr Ellis Choy came highly recommended to me by a friend who had already had a breast reduction done by him and her results were AMAZING. From the moment I walked into Zilver Lining Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery I was made to feel very welcome (as a heavily tattooed Woman this was a very pleasant experience) the whole atmosphere of the room was just amazing. I cannot speak highly enough of the Reception Staffs. My consultation with Dr Choy was an hour long appointment which was great as I had lots of questions about the surgery I wanted and Dr Choy was extremely informative and gave me clear answers which I easily understood. I had my breast lift and reduction on the 25th March 2015 at Castlecrag Private Hospital. On the 29th March 2016 I had my annual check-up with Dr Choy at 1 year post op and I am extremely pleased to say that my surgery was the best thing I have ever done as I now have beautiful breasts that no longer give me pain. I now wear a C cup bra. Dr Choy has given me a new lease on life as I am more confident when choosing clothing as I don’t have to purchase blouses that are more suited to the mature age women. I have also increased my exercise as before surgery I was uncomfortable wearing the larger size sports bras now I wear a tiny little sports bra and I’m happy to do so. Thank you Dr Choy for changing my life.