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Patient review

SonyaMc 18/12/2015

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

Since I was 16 years old I had been a DD cup size. However, my breasts NEVER stopped growing. I had my first daughter when I was 26 and after breast feeding for 6 months I went in to get new bras and was devastated to find that I was now a size 12F (Far Out!). I vividly remember calling my mother after my lunch break at work and crying to her over the phone, how horrible it was to be that size. There were very few options for bras of that size back then and the price was 3 times or more higher than your average sized bra. The bras I chose were very supportive and good quality, however not the slightest hint of prettiness. So now reviewing my life at the age of 49 and reflecting on the necessity of breasts I can tuck into my pants along with the constant back pain and migraines I was plagued with; the shopping trips for clothes and bras that either ended in coming home empty handed, or with clothes I then had to pay someone to alter to fit properly and the tears and low self esteem that followed. Initial online searches found Zilver Lining and more importantly, Dr Ellis Choy. My first meeting with Dr Choy went very well indeed. I have never had a doctor treat me with such understanding and kindness before. And I mean he understood everything. I felt he was truly empathetic but still ensured that I understood the seriousness of such a surgery. I felt so comfortable about it that I was not nervous at all. So just before Christmas I attended hospital for surgery. Ok now a little nervous, but not much and once I spoke to Dr Choy and his staff I felt like I really was in perfect hands. Post surgery I was very surprised on how little pain there really was! Even more surprising was my usual daily back and neck pain that I had been experiencing for years now was...Gone! Wow! Now I find myseIf standing up straight, I just do it without thinking, my clothes fit much better, I can run or jog without having to 'brace' my chest. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, neck and back! Incredible, I certainly feel happier in myself and now I get to say what I've seen so many others say... Oh Why didn't I do it sooner? Well part of the answer to that is I hadn't met Dr Choy and his lovely team. So glad I waited to find them as they really made it a smooth and enjoyable experience. Thank You so Much Dr Choy!