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Patient review

Shakilah 17/02/2016

Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction

Hi, I am one of the many invisible faces of breast cancer survivors. I am 47 year old personal trainer and have been in remission for 10 years. In 2005 I was diagnosed with left breast cancer for which I was treated with lumpectomy followed by a very heavy course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I was very satisfied with the outcomes but not 100% comfortable with my body. I was left with a slight deformity where the lump was removed which caused my bras not to fit properly and would pull to the left causing discomfort. I lived with this for 8 years but toyed with the idea of reconstructive surgery. I considered my situation for many years and with a full understanding of the risks and possible consequences my breast cancer surgeon reluctantly agreed to the reconstructive surgery. I was referred to a couple of plastic surgeons who I was not 100% comfortable with. About 6 months later, I met Dr Ellis Choy and his amazing team at Zilver Lining. Dr Choy is extremely charismatic, respectful and most importantly possesses a wealth of knowledgeable in this field. He didn’t make any promises but proposed a number of options available to me. (My dream was to go from an A cup to a C cup but knew it was just a dream) Over the past 2 years, Dr Choy and his team have been working together in a series of operations to correct the deformity but to create symmetry which eluded us in the first operation. Dr Choy did discuss with me, the process was like running a marathon and there were no quick fixes which stood me in a healthy mindset with my expectations. The 1st operation was quite involved. It required my latissimus dorsi muscle to be removed and inserted into my left breast. A skin flap had also to be cut out of my back to accommodate the larger breast. I was nervous about this procedure and the impacts to my career as I am a personal trainer. All was successful and I was a picture of health within a week. There was NO impact on any areas of my life. I thought the loss of my back muscle would be huge but I barely noticed the difference. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I don’t have a high body fat content, the muscle “melted” away leaving me with a saggy breast and extra skin due to the skin flap. I understood this to be a risk. Dr Choy decided to put an implant into my right breast to create a bench mark to work against with the left breast. I insisted on moving forward. I also wanted an implant put into my left breast. There were even more risks with this and Dr Choy would not proceed until I understood all risks associated. I was very impressed with Dr Choy and the Zilver Lining team. Every dealing was professional, accommodating and ensuring my dignity always with the view of my long term health from a breast cancer care perspective. 2 months ago, I completed my final surgery. I am ecstatic!! I was originally a 10A bra cup size and was hoping for a 10B but secretly dreamed of a 10C. I am now a 10C. My body is absolutely beautiful. My experience was like a marathon as Dr Choy predicted but knowing my outcomes, I would have endured more. I consider myself truly blessed in many ways but especially meeting Dr Choy. He changed my life and he’s been an absolute magician with my body!