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Patient review

limitededitionblonde 30/03/2016

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I had been considering a breast augmentation, lift and correction of my tuberous breasts for many years, although I was a confident person – I was not proud or comfortable with my breasts. In the final quarter of 2015 I decided that I would go ahead and proactively look for the right surgeon for me. I used many platforms to review and research before settling on a surgeon. Things that I found important when considering were the way in which surgeons responded to online questions, whether they were experienced in the type of correction I was looking for as well as the feedback from other users. I found Dr Ellis Choy initially through a generic search of plastic surgeons in my area, I then used the forums to establish patients’ experiences, if they would be able to help me and how comfortable I felt with results they produced. The next stage for me was to book consultations with my final two. The consultation with Dr Choy was key to my decision making, I felt at ease asking my long list of questions, I believed that he understood clearly what it was I wanted as an end result, and he very patiently talked through what I could realistically expect. Following my initial consultation, I had two more meetings to discuss any queries about my procedure, I felt welcome every time and Dr Choy and his team were really great at putting my mind at ease. I booked my surgery in October 2015, but due to other commitments I did not have the surgery until March 2016. During those 5 months Dr Choy and his entire team kept in touch with me, answered any queries I had, as well as meeting with me to make sure I felt comfortable and confident I had made the right choice. Due to my tuberous breast condition, I decided for 350g moderate profile implants with a peri-areolar lift approach in order to achieve a natural proportional result without the associated scars on my breast mound. The day before my surgery, I went to Dr Choy’s office for pre-op marking, to receive additional compression bras and post operative instructions. He explained exactly what would be happening the following day. When I arrived for my surgery, I was completely calm and prepared. There were no nerves and I really felt in great hands. I had a smile on my face as I was wheeled into the operating theatre! Dr Choy came by to visit me whilst I was in recovery, and although I was booked in to stay the night, I went home later that day. Siobhan from Dr Choy’s practice called me the following day, and Dr Choy called me after two days. I then saw Dr Choy a week post op, and then again the following week. During that time I could text or call any concerns and receive a response very promptly. The aftercare I received made me feel well looked after and definitely ensured I had a speedy recovery. As I write this review I am nearly 6 weeks post op, I worked from home after one week and returned to social activities at the same time. Although I am still wearing the compression bra the confidence my new breasts have given me already is astounding, I can’t wait to buy new underwear and swimwear and wear with pride!