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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review

Clar 09/06/2016


I have always had asymmetrical eyelids but as a child I wore glasses which hid the asymmetry. However, as I got older and started wearing contacts I was no longer able to hide it. I tried using double eyelid tape to make my eyes appear more symmetrical. However, with continuous use it only accentuated the asymmetry. After a period of deliberation, I decided to consult a surgeon about the possibility of eyelid surgery. I spoke with numerous clinics, however, none instilled me with much confidence. Eventually I found Dr Choy whose patients all seem to sing his praises and no one appeared anything but extremely pleased with their results. From my first contact with Dr Choy’s team to now (two weeks post-op) the entire experience has been excellent. Dr Choy’s team is always helpful and friendly. Despite my many emails, I never had to wait long for a response. Dr Choy himself is very approachable and supportive. During the initial consultation Dr Choy took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve. He was also very thorough in his explanation of the different types of eyelid surgery (including the benefits and negatives, the potential risks, and the realistic expected outcomes). Unlike some of my friends’ surgeons, Dr Choy was very honest, he never placed any pressure on me to undertake surgery, and did not try to upsell me any other procedures. At the end, Dr Choy even provided ample time for me to ask questions. After my consultation I was so impressed I booked my surgery straight away! Being an interstate patient I did not have another meeting with Dr Choy prior to the surgery. However, a week before my surgery Dr Choy contacted me to ensure I understood exactly what will happen on surgery day, make sure I was still happy with everything, and allow me to ask any last minute questions. On surgery day, I arrived late due to flight delays. However, Dr Choy did not rush anything. He did not proceed until I was settled, happy, and comfortable. It has now been two weeks post-op my “Double Eyelid” surgery with suture approach (no incision!) and I am recovering very well. The first 24 hours was probably the most uncomfortable but after that I didn’t feel any pain at all (unless I touched it). By the end of the first week most of the swelling had subsided, a bit of bruising was evident but it was not obvious especially with glasses on. At two weeks post-op both eyes are almost completely recovered. I am now feeling great and absolutely loving my new look. I am amazed every time I look in the mirror! Dr Choy has been absolutely wonderful throughout the entire experience and I would most definitely recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.