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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review

DanielleW 22/04/2016

Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I had noticed my breasts were very different at a young age, and never felt feminine in tops or dresses, but only found out I had the condition called Tuberous Breast when I decided to have a breast augmentation for my wedding day. The surgeon I went to wasn’t very comforting and within 5 minutes I was told I was deformed and would need to wait 1 year to have an operation approved by medicare to have my breast tissue stretched. Once stretched I could then have a breast augmentation. I was horrified & upset. I got in my car and googled Tuberous Breast plastic surgeons and Dr Choy came up as the best and most qualified, so I emailed Zilver lining and Siobhan called me straight away! She was so comforting and genuine and made me feel so much better about the situation so I booked into see Dr Choy which is the best decision I could have made. Dr Ellis Choy makes me feel at ease and explains everything I need to know in great details and makes sure I have the best result possible. He also asks everything about what I do and how the decision and size will affect my daily life activities, as I am an active person and have purchased a gym & I wanted a natural feminine result which is exactly what I ended up with. Thank you so much for your guidance and professionalism throughout my breast augmentation, forever grateful I found you Dr Choy.