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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Isabella55 06/05/2016

Breast Implant Revision

Having breast implant revision surgery at the age of 61 was a huge decision for me. Thirty years ago I had a breast implant surgery but found my breasts were too big and I was unhappy. Over the last five years I have really struggled with self-confidence, body image and finding clothes that did not show off my big breasts and awful cleavage. I finally decided to find a new plastic surgeon and could not be happier now with the outcome. Dr Choy has given me a new beginning. I am more confident. My posture and gait have improved and I love my new silhouette. Now, shopping for clothes is something I really enjoy. Dr Choy is very caring and, most importantly, a good listener which made me feel understood, safe and very supported. The team are very caring and lovely and always available to help or answer any questions or concerns, both before and after surgery …. they have been wonderful to me! Dr Choy is the Rembrandt of plastic surgery!!! The new shape of my breasts has made such a difference to my frame (I am very short) and I look slimmer!! Friends who have it done by other surgeons are now jealous & think I look fantastic. Clothes fit better and I love getting dressed up to go out… decision I ever made! Thank you so much Dr Choy!