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Patient review

Bagwah 01/06/2015

Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck

I am a 60 year old woman who recently had a combined breast reduction and tummy tuck procedure with Dr Ellis Choy over a 4 month period in a 2 staged operations and I could not be happier!

A nursing friend whose opinion I value, suggested I consider Dr Choy as she had seen his surgical technique, his empathy and integrity. She and her colleagues had jokingly decided to use their superannuation to have plastic surgery with Dr Choy! 

Sixteen years ago I had surgery for bowel cancer which left me with a scar from my belly button down to the pubis. After a year of chemo and the onset of menopause I gained weight. My belly protruded, my waist began to disappear and my breasts started to droop…the joys of aging!

Despite Pilates, swimming, brisk walking, cycling & yoga, my shape remained unchanged and my weight fluctuated. My extended tummy would not shrink because the muscles had been cut in the bowel operation & my saggy breasts were fighting a losing battle against gravity. No amount of exercise was going to change this.

Before my first consultation I was very undecided. I felt I may be too old and really just wanted an opinion. I need not have worried as Dr Choy was empathetic, positive & passionate. He listened to my concerns, allowed me time to ask questions & was totally honest & clear in his answers. 

He recommended a Breast Reduction first, followed by the tummy tuck a few months later. After our discussion I clearly understood how this would work in relation to my body shape and the ultimate success of the abdominoplasty.

I felt so relaxed & motivated that I lost 10kg before the Breast Reduction & another 5kg before the tummy operation.

The breast reduction went very smoothly with little or no pain at all. I therefore went into the tummy tuck a lot more excited & confident. Dr Choy’s reassurance & passion removed a lot of my anxiety. 

This larger procedure necessitated a longer stay in hospital and there was more discomfort but Dr Choy and his staff were always compassionate & professional. 

My dealings with Dr Choy’s team have been amazing! The women in his office are so friendly, helpful & professional. I have always felt valued & safe both before & after surgery.

My scars are very neat and I no longer have the long vertical abdominal scar. I have returned to regular but gentle exercise and I feel great. I am a cup size smaller, my breasts don’t droop and I feel like a new woman. I have more confidence, I feel healthy and look forward to enjoying my retirement. 

I would recommend Dr Choy & his team to anyone considering plastic surgery. It is worth travelling to get the best! We are only given one body, one life, therefore seek what you feel you deserve.