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Patient review

Velia 01/09/2014

Breast Implant Revision

I am now 1 year postop of a complicated revisional breast implant surgery by Dr Ellis Choy and I’m forever grateful for his expertise & most wonderful care in correcting the breast deformity by another surgeon in my original breast augmentation surgery nearly 2 years ago.

I had always wanted to get breast augmentation for years as I am heavily into fitness and felt I had more pec muscle than breasts. I did some research and came across a very well known cosmetic surgery clinic where I ended up having my first breast augmentation done. Big mistake!

On the day of surgery, I told the doctor in the cosmetic clinic how important fitness was to me. He took measurements and said that because I had so little breast tissue I would end up with a small gap (no more than 3cm) between my breasts but that a bra would push them together.

Ten months after surgery I still could not push my boobs together as there was at least a 4cm gap between them. I went back and saw the doctor again and He then told me I was too lean, that I needed to put on weight and that I could not do chest exercises. He said that if he re-operated I would maybe gain 1cm either side if lucky and I would have to pay another $6000, just like my original surgery!

I was utterly devastated so decided to get a second opinion. This is when I met Dr Choy after referral from a very good friend of mine who had breast augmentation surgery done by him. The difference, just in that initial consultation was amazing. I instantly felt comfortable and he was very interested in my lifestyle and getting me the best possible outcome. 

I had 3 consultations with him before the surgery and even the day before my operation I went to his office in Sydney and again we went through what the outcome would be.  

I went into surgery the next day and woke up in the afternoon with boobs that can be pushed together and do not go under my armpits! Dr Choy had also exchanged for a new set of implants with new pockets creation in order to rectify the deformity and improve the overall breast shape & size to my preference. I am so happy with my new breasts and I’ve been in love with my new cleavage ever since!

The two experiences do not even compare - they were 100% different. My plastic surgeon was so much more educated and thorough compared to my cosmetic surgeon. Dr Choy was a lot more open and confident in discussing possible complications and what he could do to avoid or fix them if they occurred. 

I wish I could tell other women not to be so price driven and to look for top quality plastic surgeon like Dr Choy.