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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

LiaP 17/06/2016

Breast Augmentation

Hi, I’m 38 year old and I had a breast augmentation done by Dr Choy and could not be happier! After doing some research and careful consideration, I made an appointment to see Dr Choy at his Northbridge office. His facility is really nice, his staffs and Dr Choy himself were great and professional. I left with a very good impression. I then went home and considered things further. I liked that Dr Choy and his staffs were very informative but not really trying to sell anything. One thing that stood out to me was that Dr Choy wouldn't do the surgery on smokers, as its detrimental to recovery and results. This was a nice touch and shows that he’s concerned about his patients’ welfare rather than focusing on just the surgery itself. After some more reading online, I decided to go ahead with the next consultation and booked a date for surgery. The surgery went very smoothly and I pretty much went asleep then I woke up and its all good! First night was a bit of a pain, but there were medications for it. Movement and mobility were back after less than a week from surgery, pain lessened quickly too. And after a month, I'm finding scarring progressing nicely and any residual discomfort is mostly gone. Overall Dr Choy has done an amazing job! I had 345cc high profile tear drop shaped silicone implants with a dual plane approach. Really like the results and I was also really impressed with the recovery time. I highly recommend Dr Choy for anyone who consider breast augmentation surgery.