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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Victoria D 01/07/2016

Tummy Tuck

Hello, my name is Victoria. My story is that of initial weight at 131.5kg. I had a sleeve gastrectomy in 2014, since then loosing 54kg. I found that I had a HUGE apron that caused me discomfort but mostly a sense of depression. As I work in the medical field I spoke to the surgeon whom I work for as to who would be the best and suitable for me. I was then highly recommended to see Dr Ellis Choy. My first contact with Dr Choy’s rooms came by contacting his reception via email. My first contact with his rooms was impressive. The ladies were helpful and very approachable. On my first consultation Dr Choy introduced himself and his manner was so comforting. During this visit he answered all my questions and made me and my 3 year old son who had to come with me feel completely relaxed. He showed me images of previous patients he had operated on and their before and after, even someone who looked like me! He showed me what he could fix up and then we discussed what the main concern for me was. I then had a few calls and emails from his staff in regards to quotes and finding what I wanted done that I actually could afford. This whole process was easy and non-stressful. It then came to my operation. The day before my surgery, I saw Dr Choy and he marked out where he was going to cut and discussed the operation with me. The next day/s at the hospital were nice. The staffs were fantastic, nothing was a problem. I had Dr Choy and the anaesthetist visit me in the evening of my surgery to ensure I was comfortable. The next day Dr Choy came in the morning and assessed my wounds, he also took a photo for me as my husband was not there to see what had been done. On discharge I was in contact with Moya (Dr Choy's nurse) who text me every day and was available to discuss all my concerns. I had a couple and she made herself available to see me and she put my mind at ease. I have had my one month follow up with Dr Choy and all is going well. I would highly recommend Dr Choy to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.