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Patient review

leahmarinic 01/07/2015


My name is Leah and I am 21 years old. Everyone knows how it feels to be bullied, my entire life has consisted of harsh names and self confidence issues. Having an Italian background is great, however the hereditary looks can sometimes be a little more than you bargained for. This was for me and my nose. I have always hated my nose and how big it was. I shunned away from side on photos and my day to day didn't occur without trying to hide my nose from oncoming peoples eyesight. 

I had heard of Dr Ellis Choy from a friend who highly recommended him from also receiving a rhinoplasty from Dr Choy. I was personally able to look at his work, and hear of his comforting pre-op procedures along with his great reception ladies and from this I instantly knew, he was the one I wanted to pursue.  

It did not take me long to realise how accurate these stories really were, even more so that the stories did not do it justice. My first appointment, Dr Choy made it very obvious he genuinely cared about doing what's right for me. He listened so carefully to not only what I was wanting but also to my story that ended me in his office. He is very thorough with all his explanations and always kept it open to any question no matter how big or small, hard or stupid. He always worked around my busy schedule and made sure to keep himself updated on how I was feeling. 

3 days before the surgery I had my last consult with Dr Choy, The Zilver Lining office is so professional and the ladies at the front desk were more than exceptional. Of course being so close to date my nerves had started to set in, but by the time I walked out of that office there was not one issue going through my mind. I knew I was in the best of hands. 

Coming to anything surgical, I am a massive sook. Dr Choy was nothing but exceptional by clearing my mind even to the point I didn't shed a tear! Even post op, he still, always made sure I was comfortable and popped in to see how I was recovering. 

I am now nearly 2 months post op and I can honestly say I have never been so happy. Even in these early recovering stages I have noticed such a difference not only in my looks but also my self confidence. There is not enough “Thank you” in the world that could match what Dr Choy and the team deserves. I highly recommend Zilver Lining and Dr Ellis Choy to anybody, it is one decision in life that I know I will never regret. 

Thank you so much!