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Patient review

SSS 08/06/2016

Tummy Tuck

I had put on 24kgs with each of my two pregnancies and lost it all in a matter a weeks after the births. It left me with an ugly tummy with loose and wrinkled hanging skin. My 2 Year old daughter would ask me: "mummy tummy sad?!!". I was sad my tummy was sad . My daughter is now 12. 12 years with a sad tummy... I tried yoga and Pilates 2 or 3 times a week. A group gym class with weight training. Running once or twice a week. Even ran a half marathon too. My tummy was still sad. My instructor would tell me to keep my core strong but as hard as I tried I wouldn't control the tummy, it was just hanging there! Like many people I did some search on the Internet. Read about tummy muscle separation and exercises. Saw physios.. Read many of other mothers experiences and was amazed by the before and after photos. I saw a doctor six months earlier and was still uncertain about a tummy tuck with the scar and the costs. I read about the different surgeons on internet. Dr Choy’s profile and reviews grabbed my attention and so I made an enquiry. I got an email response which I read and file away, too busy to think anymore of it. A lovely lady called Siobhan gave me a few reminders and gentle follow ups. Amazingly patient with me. Finally I booked the appointment and met with Dr Choy. Dr Choy gave plenty of explanation of the procedure in simple and amusing terms yet never down played the invasiveness of it. His experience with past patients spoke for itself and very understanding with what I needed done. I think the contrast between Dr Choy and the first surgeon I saw was the ease and warmth of Dr Choy and his team. It's quite scary and you do need confidence that your procedure is going to be done properly. I booked in the operation for the following month. Leading up to it, especially the week before I felt very nervous. Dr Choy offered to see me the day before the surgery as he knew it would happen. In the end I was fine. A bit excited and busy preparing for a couple of weeks of down time to recover. The day after the operation was the hardest but I never felt too much pain with plenty of meds and sleep. I might have been unrealistic about how fast I would recover, the scar looked very scary. The days after the operation I barely moved and perhaps I was too cautious. A week after you couldn't tell I had an operation until you saw me walk. Still a hunchback as Dr Choy warned. My back from walking bent over all the time and hurt more than my tummy. Dr Choy showed me photos before the operation and the day after. I was so amazed at my own photos as by what I had been by other people's I had seen online! Yes I did feel very pleased with the results. 8 weeks on I am still a bit swollen and the doubt about the scar still there but heaps better than my old sad tummy! I do love my new waist line!