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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

plurbit 01/06/2015

I have been thinking about breast augmentation for a long time with a lot of research being done in the area both online & offline. I actually saw a couple of good plastic surgeons in Melbourne but was not quite comfortable and confident that they will deliver the result that I desired. So I started searching beyond Victoria and around Australia.

Coming across Dr. Choy was a bit of a lucky chance. After searching for appropriate interstate options for a while, I managed to have shortlisted a few plastic surgeons in Sydney that I feel would be compatible with my style and preference for my surgical outcome. I must say I am most impressed by the prompt quality service by Dr Choy’s team at Zilver Lining in responding to my enquiry. The ladies from Dr. Choy’s office were very informative and answered all my questions; I also got to have a direct phone consult with Dr. Choy subsequently.

Other doctors I initially searched for refused to have a phone consult with me so I didn’t feel secure flying out to Sydney for a surgeon I hadn’t even talked to. 

Dr. Choy was very professional, patient and thorough. Being from Melbourne I had to consider if it was worth flying all the way to Sydney. I did a lot of research and only wanted very specific things. I was adamant to find a surgeon who was confident with the subfascial approach yet still achieving a natural look, and precaution towards scar management due to my Asian heritage. However, after speaking to Dr. Choy I knew he is the right choice for me.

Dr. Choy and his team were just amazing! Everyone was incredibly nice and caring from start to finish. Even two months post-op now, Dr. Choy and Tina would periodically check up on me and would always answer any questions I have. The whole surgery experience itself was also great. I was taken care of from the moment I arrived Sydney. Transport to and from the airport and clinic as well as a hotel reservation were all organised by Zilver Lining so I didn’t have to worry about them at all.

Before my surgery I had a lot of trouble finding bras and bikinis. As I did not fill out an A cup bra, I couldn’t wear shirts that were too low cut otherwise the gap would be visible. Since the surgery, all of these problems resolved on their own which also had a positive impact on my confidence. I absolutely love the results. I was initially an 8A, now measuring 8DD, yet don’t look overly big on my frame, they are PERFECT! They were everything I asked for and more! I’m so grateful for all the wonderful work and care from Dr Choy and his team at Zilver Lining!

Thank you so much!