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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Tann 01/08/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I had always been one of those girls whose boobs you noticed. Not in a good way, but in the way that they were always there. I developed extremely large and saggy breasts at a young age and struggled with my weight. It made going through my teens extremely awkward. I was very self-conscious and found it hard to exercise. I deliberately hid my breasts in any way I could. The pain was constant in my neck, back and shoulders. I struggled to fit or wear the clothes I wanted to and forget about bra or swimwear shopping because that was far too traumatising to think about doing. I’d talked about getting a reduction from the age of 16. As I live quite remote in Northern Australia I knew the resources and standard would be better elsewhere. I had contacted a few places but was told nothing was possible without a face to face consultation. Feeling a little deflated I continued to do online research and came across Zilver Lining. My initial contact with Zilver Lining was in February 2016 and from the very first phone call I knew Dr Choy and his team would go above and beyond what I expected. After sending through some photos and a little email correspondence I had my first consultation with Dr Choy via Skype, I was given every opportunity to ask questions and felt in extremely capable hands. At this point in time I weighed 94kg’s and wore a size 14G bra. Despite any nerves, after the skype consult I felt well informed and was immediately impressed and connected with everything Dr Choy had said. After 6 years of waiting it was exactly what I wanted to hear. I felt so inspired to have the life I’d always dreamed about – and it was only a 4 hour flight away! Fast forward 6 months, and my determination to look and feel great both pre and post op saw me lose 23 kilos. I had my breast reduction with Dr Choy on 1 August 2016. Everything went smoothly and I was extremely well looked after – any pain I had was manageable and from the moment I woke up it was literally a weight off my shoulders! This experience has given me the freedom and confidence to live my life without restriction. I am now almost 6 weeks post op and at all times Dr Choy was friendly and approachable. He took the time to listen and understand me for this I cannot express my gratitude enough!!