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Patient review

Prashani 31/08/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I started puberty at a young age and very quickly developed very large breasts. I grew up self- conscious of my body, covering myself up with large t-shirts and baggy jumpers. I was embarrassed by my breasts, and throughout my teenage years hid them as much as I could. Throughout my 20’s my dislike for my shape only continued, I was a slim size 8 and had a bra size of DD. After having my first child I put on weight and my breasts grew to a size E, unfortunately they didn’t shrink after pregnancy weight loss. After my second child my breasts ballooned to a size F. I was mortified. Once my daughter stopped breast feeding I made my mind up that I could no longer continue carrying around this uncomfortable burden and I decided to go searching for a plastic surgeon based in Sydney. I was looking for a surgeon who could help me along my journey to not only have smaller breasts but a more fulfilling and comfortable lifestyle. I came across Dr Ellis Choy’s website after some extensive research online. The reviews were excellent and he is located very close to my home, which would make appointments manageable as I have two young children. I phoned them and made an appointment to speak with Dr Choy about my options. I was greeted by wonderful and attentive staff who genuinely care about the journey I was about to embark on. I met with Dr Choy and was instantly impressed by both his professionalism and kind nature. I felt very comfortable in his presence and decided in that moment that he would be the best person to perform the surgery for me. After a few more consultations, we arranged a date for the surgery. I wasn’t particularly nervous about the surgery as I knew I was in good hands, this is something I had wanted for a very long time and I knew how much relief this surgery was going to give me. I was looking forward to being comfortable in my own skin, having no more neck pain and stiffness, wearing the clothes I wanted to wear and being able to exercise comfortably. On the day of surgery I was both excited and terrified, fortunately I had my husband with me and a fantastic surgeon with a great team. Every member of Dr Choy’s team were wonderfully supportive and very professional. It was a huge comfort to have them talk with me in the lead up to surgery, it was a great distraction! I awoke from surgery both relieved it was over and in no pain. The recovery was quick and I was home within 24 hours. It has now been over 6 weeks since my operation and I have had three consultations with Dr Choy since my surgery as well as many phone calls to his office. I have been quite anxious about the recovery, wanting to ensure I healed properly with no infections or complications. I have been very well looked after and I continue to receive the best of care. I highly recommend Dr Ellis Choy and his team and I look forward to continuing my relationship with Zilver Lining as I continue to heal and embark on a new lifestyle .