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Patient review

Jawdana 25/07/2016

Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

My breast augmentation started around the time I commenced puberty. I always knew something was wrong with my breasts although was too embarrassed to actually look further into this. It is safe to say, that my breasts severely affected my confidence and self-esteem from a very young age. I always hoped that they would improve as I got older although when I turned 21 I accepted the fact this was not going to happen. This was when I decided to start looking into getting a breast augmentation. I made various phone calls to various places ranging from both cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Every phone call I had to enquire about a consultation never felt right until I finally called Dr Ellis Choy. He had been suggested to me by a friend who knew someone who had been to Dr Choy before and was so happy with her results. As soon as I called up, I knew this was the place for me. Dr Choy’s entire team from the initial phone call made me feel so welcomed, valued and relaxed about the process. Before I knew it, I had booked my consultation and surgery date! My consultation was a wonderful experience which not only reassured me and my mind at ease but also my mothers. Early into my consultation, Dr Choy explained that I had a deformity called Tuberous breasts. This was the moment that reassured me that this was something I desperately wanted to go ahead with and comforted me knowing that something was actually wrong with my breasts. This was devastating news to hear but Dr Choy reassured me that he would be able to make my breasts look beautiful and natural. I left the consultation with my mother, so excited and happy with my decision and knew that I could not possibly be in better hands. The day of my surgery, Ellis and his team once again made me feel so valued, welcomed and calm with their professional yet friendly approach. I was not nervous at all as I knew I was in safe hands, which was a big thing as I had never had surgery before. After surgery, Ellis personally called me the next day to ensure I was doing okay which was extremely comforting. Four days after surgery I fainted whilst in my bedroom and was shaking on the ground. I woke up and became nauseous although started to feel much better after a few moments. I immediately called Dr Choy’s team who reassured me that this was probably a vasovagal attack but asked me to keep them informed of my progress. Shortly after this, Dr Choy contacted me personally to ensure I was okay. Since then, I have had a 10 day and 6 week post op check. The aftercare that Dr Choy and his team provided me with was absolutely faultless and I will be forever grateful. My entire experience with Dr Choy and his team has been nothing but a wonderful journey that has not only perfected my imperfect breasts but has enhanced my esteem, confidence and overall wellbeing in ways I can’t begin to explain. I will be forever grateful for Dr Choy and his team for providing me with such a high level of care and treating me with such value. This whole experience has impacted my life in so many different positive ways. I am absolutely in love with my new breasts and could not thank Dr Choy and his team enough.