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Patient review

Dimity 20/07/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

My name is D and about 3 months ago I had breast reduction surgery. I’ll tell you a little about my story and why I decided to have the surgery and hopefully it helps those who are still struggling to make a decision. Remember, it’s your decision and it’s a huge one, but it’s something you need to be 100% certain of and confident in who you have your procedure through. When I was 12 or 13 years old, I went to bed one night in a training bra and woke up with C cup boobs. Literally overnight, ask my mum she’ll vouch for me. This is when my bra-buying journey began. By year 5, when I was about 10 or 11, I was dubbed the “girl with the biggest boobs in school”. IN YEAR 5! By my yr 12 graduation I was sitting in an E cup. Now, I’m not a tall woman, 5’4, and I have an average body figure. I’ve grown up loving sport and always participating in some type of physical activity, be it weekend sport or the gym. But no matter how much weight I lost or how many “chest-reducing” exercises I did nothing changed. I could not get these babies to shrink. I tried everything. I just came to the conclusion that I was going to be top-heavy for life and this made my self-esteem hit the floor (like my boobs did when I took my bra off at the end of the day). I struggled with confidence, buying tops or dresses that fit and wearing a swimsuit with a halter top. The struggle was real and painful. Not only did my self-esteem take a hit when I reached a GG cup at the ripe-old age of 22 but my bank account also took a beating. Now all you large breasted women out there know that your general clothes store doesn’t stock bras over the size of a DD or rarely an E so I had to go to specialty stores that cost an arm and a leg to buy a basic sports bra or T-shirt bra. And you had to look at selling a kidney on the black-market to get a pretty, lacy one that all the other small chested women could buy like candy. I always had a dream of getting a breast reduction but never thought this would be something I could ever consider financially. EVER! So one day, during my lunch break at work, I googled “breast reduction Sydney” and was overwhelmed by the facilities that were out there for us. I was able to put in my basic details into an inquiry page and different companies send you an email trying to sell their services. As I clicked the little red X on the top right of the screen to put a stop to my day-dreaming I got a phone call… It was Siobhan from Zilver Lining. She was my knight in shining armour. I told her what I was dealing with. This stranger just answered all my breast prayers. About a month later I went in to their office in Northbridge and met my new best friend. She was so supportive and made me feel like all my worries were justified. This is when I met Dr Choy. My hero. This lovely man took me under his care and I have never felt so thankful. Now like most surgery, they need to check out what they are dealing with. So, I had to get photos taken. I was nervous but Dr Choy was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Now ladies, there is a big difference from looking at yourself in your bedroom mirror to having someone take clinical photos of you and then showing them back to you 10 minutes later. I cried. I didn’t realise I would be so overwhelmed at seeing my body on screen. Siobhan and Dr Choy both reassured me that this decision was probably the best thing for me. It had to be my decision. Especially with my circumstances. I had struggled with back pain, chest pain, boob pain, chaffing, sweat pimples, curvature of the upper spine. My boobs were no longer perky and appealing to me. They were covered in stretchmarks and hung without any type of elasticity (thanks gravity!). I was unimpressed with myself. I was then booked for a surgery date 6 months later, again more tears (of joy this time), my parents cried, I cried, my boss cried, and my dog cried. It was a joyous moment in my life. Over the next 2 months I had to play the waiting game and I was hit with doubt. Doubt over my decision, doubt from friends asking me if it’s the right choice, doubt that I really needed to have this done. I went in to see Dr Choy for another visit before I hit the surgical table and he showed me my pictures again. I cried again, and he just turned to me and said “I think this is going to be really good for you”. That was it. All doubt and nerves vanished. I was reassured and uplifted. My life was going to change for the better. My mum came and stayed with me during and after my surgery and she was a saint. My surgery went perfectly and I was so happy with the end-result that we all cried again. Dr Choy stood by me every step of the way and for that, he is my hero. I have seen him 3 times since my surgery 3 months ago and every time he has reassured me that this is was the best decision. It was. I don’t regret one moment. The recovery straight up is hard but within a few weeks I was back at work and going back to normal day tasks (with precaution). I highly recommend Dr Choy and Zilver Lining. In fact, I have recommended Dr Choy to several of my friends. His professionalism and kindness is outstanding. His team are exactly the same, they are prepared to answer all my questions (as silly as they may be) and reassure me of everything. I thank them for my new life and wouldn’t have been able to fulfil my dreams without them. I am more confident and happy with who I am and how I feel about my body. I hope this helps the women out there struggling with the pain of carrying a large front load to realise that there are ways to get what we need, and I recommend Dr Choy and Zilver Lining 100%.