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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Jane27 20/05/2016

Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery had long been a consideration, since the birth of my two children, now aged 20 and 17. However financially, it was not a possibility. When finally, at the age of 50, I could afford it, I felt I had left it too late. I still took a lot of pride in my appearance though, and my depleted breasts made clothes / cossie shopping very difficult. But there were also other considerations – like the fact that my bra would often ride up over my breasts, or even wearing quite modest clothes, if I leant forward, my tops as well as bras would gape. I guess in the long run it was my husbands’ encouragement that my well being, self-confidence, new figure was worth spending the equivalent of a family holiday. So I began my research, initially by reading reviews to see who NOT to go to. I put out a few requests, and Zilver lining responded with answers to all my questions. I was impressed with Dr Choy’s approach, I felt well informed, and had total confidence in him. It was ok for him that right until the day of the surgery, I still had not made up my mind as to what size I wanted to become. Of the two choices, my girlfriends and husband all advised the larger, however I was not so sure. Dr Choy understood my reasons for, and expectations from the surgery well, and I felt totally confident with leaving the final decision up to him, and his team, based on what would be the most natural looking result for me. He certainly made the right decision, which was to opt for the smaller of the two sizes. They fit me perfectly, and are very well proportioned. His artistry was evident in the care and deliberation he took in measuring, and also in his obvious pride when the bandage bra was removed and we could both assess the results. He did an awesome job! I absolutely love my new figure. The scars were very neat, and are healing incredibly well. Thankyou Dr Choy, Worth every cent!!