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Patient review

JoRaj 26/09/2016

Tummy Tuck

I would like to share my experience leading up to my surgery on 26/9/16 and now post op my experience. Firstly the biggest question I have been asked over and over by family, friends and Dr Choy will ask you is ‘why’ do you want to undergo the procedure? So let me give you some background. Since becoming a mum of two (I'm now only 39 years old) and working an average of 60 hours a week I lost myself through the years. My focus was on my kids and work, which didn't allow time for paying attention to how I feel, and importantly how to maintain a body that used to look after so well by exercising twice a day seven days a week. I came to such a point that I hated how I felt in my skin, such as my undies rolling down or the overhang in trousers. So I guess I came to a point where I was frustrated with my body, it was just how I felt but how I looked. It was at a point where I didn't like to be in photos or go for a swim whilst on holiday I thought I can't deal with this anymore, I needed to reclaim myself and do something for me that will help me get back on track. My reason why I wanted to undergo such a dramatic surgery is simple: I no longer wanted to look and feel this way. I had an overhang after two caesareans and was at my heaviest I'd ever been. I'm now on my way road to recovery, which to be honest was easier than what I thought it would be. Pain wise, it was less than what I imagined. It was minor discomfort. I walked with bent knees for over a week but my body naturally was straightening itself up. I guess I had the right attitude and wanted to get well so I could get into starting a new chapter of my life - not just reducing and reshaping my body, but getting into exercise. Four weeks post op I'm walking (probably doing more than what I should be doing to Dr Choy’s liking), but I just feel wonderful inside and out. But like I said it's ‘attitude’. Attitude starts once you walk through the Doctor’s office. The team that support Doctor Choy in his practice are sensational. It's a welcoming environment that's very personable. This is then carried through with Dr Choy, he takes an interest in what you have to say, but importantly why you are looking for his help. He takes time to understand you, and empowers you to ask questions no matter how ridiculous you may think it sounds. So for those that are looking to undergo surgery, it's not just a matter of why you want it done but you need to find a surgeon that you feel comfortable and can trust. I found that with Dr Choy but also his team in Northbridge, I couldn't be happier with how I have been looked after physically & I would have no hesitation in recommending him.