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Patient review

Lee99 17/06/2016

Breast Augmentation

Hi, I am 34yrs of age and had breast augmentation surgery with Dr Ellis Choy 3 months ago. I have 4 children and after the birth of my last child I was left with deflated and asymmetrical breasts. My confidence suffered severely as a result and I decided to explore my surgery options in an attempt to gain a more youthful fuller breast shape. Dr Ellis Choy was the first surgeon whom I met with to discuss my options and I immediately felt at ease and reassured with how informative Dr Ellis was. I felt the information that he gave was very individualised and tailored to my needs. I arrived with a lot of questions and left with a lot of information. I was borderline for requiring a lift with my breast augmentation for optimal results and Dr Ellis discussed in detail what could be achieved by both procedures. I saw a few more surgeons after my consult with Dr Ellis and did not have the same feeling about any of them. Those appointments felt very clinical and I did not feel as comfortable as I had felt with Dr Ellis in terms of information provided specific to me and patient manner. Those appointments with other surgeons confirmed what I initially felt when I left my appointment with Dr Ellis and I knew immediately that Dr Ellis was the surgeon for me. I ended up having a follow up appointment with Dr Ellis and chose to proceed with breast augmentation without a lift. Dr Ellis used different sized implants to correct my asymmetry and did a flawless job. I understand this approach may not work for every patient but in my case his surgical expertise left me with a fabulous result. I am extremely happy with my result and have gained my confidence has restored significantly. Dr Ellis and his whole team are second to none and were always readily available to talk me through any lingering questions I had prior to and after my surgery. Dr Ellis and his team handled my appointments and all my questions in a very personal manner and I always felt that I was in right hands. I can’t thank Dr Ellis and his team enough for walking me through my procedure and all my aftercare. I highly recommend Dr Ellis and his team for anyone seeking a fantastic surgical experience.