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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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  • Sydney Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review

MargieH 01/03/2015

Facelift, Blepharoplasty

Hi, my name is Margie and I’m 75 years young. I’m here to share my amazing experience with Dr Choy who performed a revisional facelift and upper eyelid enhancement surgery on me early on this year. Back in 2001, I had my first facelift in Sydney with a well-known and eminent plastic surgeon who is now retired. About fourteen years passed and time caught up with me. So I started another extensive search for the best plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation. After all I was in an age group that maybe wasn’t suitable. This is when I came across Dr Choy upon various strong referrals and positive feedbacks from my social networks. I then went online to verify Dr Choy’s qualifications and expertise. All reports were excellent so I made my initial appointment. To my astonishment and delight, Dr Choy was a lot younger than I thought especially with respect to his years of extensive training and qualifications in cosmetic plastic surgery. He explained in great details what could be achieved considering it was the second time around. The underlying muscle could be compromised as my skin was very thin and not young and supple anymore. Dr Choy was warm & sincere, honest & upfront, and I trusted his judgement on the projected outcome. So I chose to go ahead with his recommendation for a revisional facelift and upper eyelid enhancement surgery. Dr Choy and his team supported me every inch of the way with logistical arrangements, the hospital, the anaesthetist and payments all arranged on time. Nothing was too much trouble. All my questions were answered in great details so my mind was clear as I was in good hands. The big day arrived. The surgery went perfectly, no dramas. The anaesthetist told me afterwards how impressed he was with Dr Choy’s expertise. I was feeling so good that I was discharged in that evening, and went to my sister’s home where she cared for me post-op. There was no pain after surgery – discomfort yes, swelling yes, bruising yes – but nothing more than had been explained or expected. I took a selfie every day and wrote a caption. For example… Day 1 – Oh my God! Day 2 – A round with Mike Tyson. Day 3 – This doesn’t look like me! This went on until Day 10 when – Wow! I can see me again. Finally, on Day 14 I was feeling very warm towards Dr Choy so the caption read “Ellis is back on my Christmas list”! Six months have passed during which I have had several follow up visits. I had joked in the theatre that Dr Choy was going to make me the best looking 65 year old (when my actual age was 75) and now when I look in the mirror my visage matches my expectations. I know I couldn’t have been in better hands than Dr Choy’s. My surgical journey with Dr Choy has been truly amazing!