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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Claire_C 12/08/2016

Breast Implant Revision

In 2011 I had my first breast augmentation and in 2015 I noticed that my breasts were both starting to look distorted and feel tight and sore. I went back to the previous plastic surgeon who was extremely dismissive of my concerns. I had to ask for a referral for an ultrasound which was given under duress. This revealed capsular contracture and a possible rupture. Returning to my previous surgeon was not an option, surgery to fix it was unavoidable. After my previous experience I felt the weight of choosing a surgeon for a multitude of reasons. I researched extensively for alternative plastic surgeons as the pain and discomfort continued and the capsular contracture developed further. I narrowed down the surgeons to three to have consultations with before deciding. I chose to see Dr Ellis Choy because of his qualifications in both Breast and Plastic Surgery. I had no doubt that he had the knowledge and expertise to perform the operation. I read everything I could find, his reviews from previous patients which were all positive, and they were extremely happy with their results. I couldn’t and still haven’t seen a negative comment anywhere. I made an enquiry online one weekend and was impressed to be contacted by his team on the Monday. Living on the Mid North Coast in between (both of Dr Choy’s practices) I had my consultation in Coffs Harbour. I was extremely nervous before my appointment. Within moments Dr Choy had put me at ease, which reflected my experience with him and his team right throughout my journey. My situation was complex Dr Choy patiently and thoroughly explained the complexity of my situation, and covered all aspects including corrective surgery options available, the possible results, recovery period. I came to the decision Dr Choy was the best surgeon to treat me for various reasons which included his experience, reputation, background and qualifications. These of course are all important but from my experience, when those skills are matched with a kind nature and a professional caring bedside manner, the experience which can be difficult is so much easier. I am so grateful I found all these qualities with Ellis. Dr Choy made me feel as his potential patient not a potential customer, which seems, unfortunately so uncommon within the Plastic Surgery (Industry/field). Dr Choy’s team work with a remarkable synergy which creates a straightforward, pleasant experience. They go above and beyond to make sure the organisation of documents to recommending accommodation and settling my nerves everything has been seamless. Dr Choy’s surgical team were amazing, my surgery was complex and their care made me feel safe and secure. I am so pleased with my result, which exceeded my expectations. I am no longer in pain every day from the capsular contracture or consistent worry of complications from the capsular contracture and possible rupture. I am extremely grateful to Ellis for his expertise and care.