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Patient review

Ash73 07/09/2016

Breast Reconstruction

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 years old and she unfortunately passed away at 45 years. The loss of my mother and the fear of being diagnosed myself (my mother had no sisters but two of her aunts also succumbed to the disease at a young age) has always being a worry for me and I have been vigilant with yearly mammograms and ultrasounds. Last year I had private genetic testing and was found to be carrying a gene which along with my family history put me into a higher risk category for breast cancer. My breasts were extremely dense, with numerous fibroids, cysts, and papillomas. I had numerous biopsies and lumpectomies over the years and the anxiety and stress was quite unbearable most of the time; I would literally be physically ill when it came around to the yearly mammograms. When I tested positive for the gene I began to seriously consider having a preventative mastectomy. I consulted a breast surgeon to discuss having a preventative mastectomy and he referred me to Dr Ellis Choy, in Northbridge. The next day his secretary gave me a call and arranged my first consultation, it been pretty much plain sailing with Dr Choy and his staff from that moment on. At this stage and after a lot of personal careful consideration I was very clear in my mind that I definitely wanted to go ahead with the mastectomy. This is a very personal decision for any woman to make and for some preventative mastectomy will not be the choice that they make, my sister for example has opted for surveillance. I feel that I was extremely fortunate to be referred to Dr Choy for this surgery. I was quite nervous about the first consultation but he put me at ease straight away. Dr Choy explained all the different options that they were available to me of which there were many. I really felt that I was in the best position I could be in this situation, no stone was left unturned in explaining all my options to me. He showed me many pictures of breast reconstructions he had carried out and what outcomes could be achieved for me. I felt that Dr Choy would be happy for me to sit in his office all day asking questions; there was a lot to talk about on that first consultation and when I left I felt confident about Dr Choy carrying out the procedure - which would be an elective bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implants & dermal matrix. The surgery was scheduled for two months later. Dr Choy and his team looked after me pre-op and post-op to an extremely high standard, I could not have received better care and attention. If you are considering this type of surgery I could not recommend Dr Choy and his team any higher. The results are absolutely outstanding, Dr Choy’s plastic surgery skills are outstanding. My breasts look even better than before and I couldn't be happier. It is pretty much impossible to tell that I have had any surgery at all. I am very happy that I decided to have the mastectomy and the amazing surgical journey with Dr Choy.