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Patient review

Carlym315 07/10/2016

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation had always been something I had considered having done in the future, maybe after I'd finished having children. Whilst I hadn't been blessed with large breasts, I was quiet content with what I had for the most part. Fast forward a few more years and 1 child later, and I was reassessing my choice to wait until after I was done having children to have my surgery done. After breastfeeding for 12 months my boobs never really bounced back to their former selves, I was left feeling miserable every time I went bra shopping as filling an A cup was often not possible and I had noticeable breast asymmetry. I also suffer from a spinal condition called scoliosis, which causes a curve in my spine, which in turn gave me a rib that protruded slightly more on one side, having my rib stick out more then my breast did was something I became really self conscious about. Fortunately for me, I have had a lot of friends who had already had breast augmentation, and they were a wealth of advice for me, I started looking at a few of the surgeons I had been recommended and narrowed it down to just a few. I initially planned to have my consults with a few plastic surgeons with Dr Choy being the first. I walked out of that first consult with Dr Choy certain that I'd found the surgeon I wanted to do my BA, everything was explained and all my questions answered. Dr Choy understood the natural look I was hoping to achieve from my BA and was able to show me some amazing past results he had achieved with similar surgeries. I knew my surgery would present some challenges given my scoliosis and asymmetry, however after a few follow up consults, a CT scan of my spine/rib cage, a thorough chat about my expectations and the options I had regarding implants & sizes, I was completely confident that I was going to get the breasts and the look I wanted. Surgery day arrived and everything went so smoothly, the entire team at the day surgery were wonderful, I felt completely at ease the entire time I was there. Accommodation nearby had been pre arranged for myself and family and Dr Choy called by the hotel the following day to check in and see how I was feeling and recovering before I made my journey home. My recovery was surprisingly quick and relatively painless, and the post op care offered by Dr Choy and his amazing team was great. I'm so thrilled with the results from my surgery, and I'm actually looking forward to bra and bikini shopping. I feel I have my body confidence back, and I'm looking forward to a summer filled with smiles at the beach with my family. I honestly couldn't recommend Dr Choy and his team highly enough.