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Patient review

Ballyhero 10/10/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy

Losing 18 kilos is great! Unless your 45 and your breasts have decided to flop down your chest like spaniel ears as a result. Cosmetic surgery was not something I thought I would ever do, but looking at my chest and realizing I would never again want to show anyone what I had there was depressing. Feeling great about the weight loss, feeling bad about the consequences on what used to be a source of pride. So I took the plunge and began looking for a surgeon. I was delighted to find Dr Ellis Choy after extensive research. His credentials and experience were enormously reassuring (a plastic surgeon, not just a cosmetic surgeon, two fellowships in breast reconstruction and extensive reconstructive post breast cancer work). So I booked an appointment and met the man himself! What a guy. Totally dedicated to the art and committed to making me happy! He was clear and detailed and very careful to manage my expectations. He understood that I was reluctant to have both implants and a lift and so we discussed the options and went with a breast lift with some loss of size but not much. In return he promised perkiness. And boy, did he deliver! I feel like a teenager again! But this was no garden variety everyday breast lift, this was something else. Not only did Dr Choy lift but he moved breast tissue, that would otherwise have been wasted, to the top of the breast making them full and round (its called an auto-augmentation approach). He also lifted a strip of chest muscle and tucked breast tissue underneath, ensuring that roundness would stay. And what a result. My breasts are perky, round, balanced and even. All without an implant!! I cant' stop looking at them. The after care was great and Dr Choy has been very happy with the result of the surgery, so am I! His team have also been fantastic. They are very well educated about the process and are exceedingly helpful. Thanks guys!