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Patient review

Jules77 05/10/2016

Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Body Lift, Liposculpture

Like many women, my outer upper highs and buttocks had presented as an annoyance for most of my adult life. I have always fallen in the low range obese zone when looking at my BMI, but never felt obese. I do have a stockier build in terms of my thighs, with strong muscle developed over the years. However, my “saddlebags” always caused me the most frustration as it made me look disproportionate and bigger then I actually was. I was never able to effectively “get rid of” or reduce this area, outside of when I was breastfeeding my kids. Very soon after stopping, both times, this area would build up again with fat stores. I have always undertaken regular rigorous exercise and a have lead a consistently good lifestyle (avoiding processed foods, non-smoker and negligible alcohol consumption). Surgical intervention became a serious consideration about 18months ago however I had known about Liposuction for over 15years. I did consciously decide to wait and see how the technology progressed throughout the years, and also decided to focus on non-surgical intervention first with limited results, but again, those specific areas were extremely recalcitrant to shift in any meaningful way. Once I started the “process” of meeting with practitioners, Liposuction was, at the time, the procedure I expected to have, however, due to my skin, age and specific problem areas, I was advised by Dr Choy at our first meeting a more radical approach should be considered for longer lasting and more profound results, based on what I had explained were my goals. I was thrown back naturally as I had never considered myself a candidate for this procedure. I had always imagined morbidly obese people who had lost huge amounts of weight needing this procedure. I researched practitioners across Sydney and Melbourne, 9 in total. Some were Cosmetic Surgeons and some Plastic Surgeons. Very quickly I identified a clear difference between the two types of practitioners and consciously decided to focus my energy on Plastic Surgeons, as highly qualified as possible and I also decided feedback from the broader community was an important indicator as well as the geography. I used online platforms to read up about potential surgeons. Of the Plastic Surgeons I met with (5 in total), Dr Choy had my confidence within the first minutes of meeting him. During the consultation we discussed possible options and the pros and cons of each one, and once we had narrowed down the focus, my entire body was marked up to show me (in principles) how the body lift procedure would be undertaken. We reviewed before and after photos and teased out the risks and benefits, we also discussed costs. I had no less than 3 more appointments before deciding to proceed. It was a big deal to me, and technically a radical procedure – at no point in time did he minimise or trivialise what was involved. I was what you would describe as an apprehensive patient (not fearful though), and one who really wants to understand all the details and asks a lot of questions. He was always extremely patient and generous with his time. The customer service experience was fluid with everyone supportive, friendly and accessible. The clinic was welcoming, beautifully decorated and professional. The first 2 weeks post op were difficult, a lot of pain and no sleep. I opted to take limited amount of pain relief for my own reasons. Having 2 young children did not help during this time! Week 2-4 was much better, and now it is Week 6, and I feel very good. Back to my outdoor high intensity training, able to move freely. In terms of the impact of the surgery on my life, I have experienced some highs and some flat moments to be candid but I remain confident I made the right choice. Liposuction alone could not have provided me with the same results. The scar is there, but I have started to embrace it and know it will improve with time and scar management. Actually, the scar line was kept remarkably low and neat so I am already ahead. The most important outcome is that my proportions have improved noticeably. I have already been able to wear certain types of clothes I had otherwise avoided and bought my summer bikini only recently, which felt very good. I believe I am very close to achieving the upper thighs and buttock I have always desired. My current strategy is to not focus on my body too much, and allow it the time it needs to properly heal and settle (I still have some swelling and tenderness). I always look forward to my appointment with Dr Choy with another follow up very soon to review the results and how all is progressing.