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Patient review

Greeny83 07/10/2016

Breast Augmentation

I am age 33 and have had 4 children whom I collectively breastfed for 5.5 years. Prior to having children I had breasts of a size 10B/C. After having my children my breasts were left very empty and deflated. I could no longer wear a bra as a 10A was uncomfortable and I felt it did not look very flattering under clothing either, possibly a tad too big. I no longer enjoyed wearing clothing that hugged my size 8 frame and began wearing clothing that was quite loose fitting or folding my arms across my chest as I was very self-conscious of my lack of breasts. I also lost my confidence to wear swimwear and began either not swimming or wearing loose clothing whilst I swam also. My mother underwent breast augmentation when I was 16 and I remembered seeing how much her body confidence and self-esteem soared afterward. However, I was pessimistic to have the procedure myself as I am very active and my life is quite sport orientated (field hockey, soccer & surfing). I had reservations about having any kind of surgery because of general fears of the procedure. After years of wishing to change the way I felt about my breasts and much research on the procedure, speaking with friends who had undergone the procedure and seeing my mums happiness I decided I was ready to begin my journey toward breast augmentation and renew my self confidence. I researched quite a few surgeons and spoke with friends who had seen Dr Ellis Choy also and made an appointment to have a consultation with him. Upon meeting Ellis I was astounded with how comfortable I felt in his presence and a lot of my fears immediately vanished. I found Ellis to be incredibly focussed on my comfort of the procedure and he went above and beyond to ensure all my questions were answered and more. I found all the questions he asked and the answers he gave truly proved he was very in tune with my desired outcome and left me with no doubt that he was the surgeon I would have perform my breast augmentation. The day of my surgery was utterly nerve wrecking for myself but as soon as I got to the hospital and was with Ellis and his team my fears almost immediately vanished once again. His whole team were remarkable and incredibly thorough in their care and reassurance and I could not have hoped for more confidence for a fantastic outcome at that time. I was very excited! I woke after surgery to very little to almost no pain or discomfort. I ensured I took the medication prescribed for after surgery as directed by Ellis and his team. I had mild discomfort for the next few days but felt so much better than I had expected. I was so happy with the size of implant I had chosen with Ellis’ guidance. I could not be any happier with the outcome of my breast augmentation. And can happily say that it has very little to no effect on my sporting activity. The whole experience starting from meeting with Siobhan, to speaking with Janie at reception, to meeting with Ellis then surgery with Ellis and his team is nothing short of amazing! My advice to any woman seeking this kind of surgery is do not wait! Take the steps to see Dr Choy and his team! It will change your life forever!!