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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Hannah_Nia 21/11/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I have always had larger breasts. I like a full cleavage look. It's part of what makes me 'me'. However, after having 2 children my body changed dramatically - in particular, my breasts seem to get bigger. I went for a comfortable DD to a GG after baby number 2. It created problems for me during pregnancy as I had a really sore back and neck and was seeing a physio regularly in the last weeks for my pregnancy. I found it difficult to breast feed comfortably following the birth of my children as my breasts were so large. I was hoping they would 'shrink' back but they never did. I suffered back problems, sore neck, very poor posture as I felt like I was hunched over all the time, my bra was always digging into my shoulders leaving red marks, difficulty finding a bra or swim suit, difficultly buying clothes, skin became loose and unattractive. It started to affect my self esteem and my confidence. 2 years after the birth of baby number 2 and continuously experiencing these medical and personal issues, I decided to make an appointment to see Dr Choy and his team. Dr Choy was recommended to me by a close friend. I was looking for a doctor who understood my needs and was an expert in reconstruction as my breasts needed some work! I found Dr Choy lovely to work with. He was patient with me as I asked many questions. He was upfront and honest about the process and also challenged my desire for the surgery and the outcome I was hoping to achieve. I really needed someone to help me understand my decision and all the positives (and negatives) that could come with it. Dr Choy's team were amazing and understanding. I felt very comfortable with them and they were very attentive and understood my needs. Breast reduction is not only a medical process - it's a psychological change that I needed to be ready for. Dr Choy and his team helped me work through my issues and concerns with understanding and honesty. I have since recommended Dr Choy to a number of my friends. As soon as I saw my new breasts, I loved them and I felt my confidence and self esteem return. Within a few days I was trying on my old bikinis that stopped fitting me properly. I could not believe how I felt and how I looked. These bikinis used to dig into my neck and shoulders and I found it difficult to move or go for a swim with my boys as my breasts would 'pop out' or move around a lot and I was so uncomfortable about myself. Now, the bikinis sit perfectly - no red marks and lots of moving around! I have been enjoying bikini and lingerie shopping and feel like I have my body back! It really feels great to be confident again!