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Patient review

LibbyV 05/12/2016

Breast Lift - Mastopexy, Breast Reduction

I had considered having a breast reduction for most of my adult life, due to the increasing discomfort and pain experienced in my back, neck and shoulders. At my last bra fitting I was told I was a size F. This was a shock to me at 51 years of age, and I realized that to have a better quality of life moving forward, surgery was the only answer. This was a decision that was many years in the making, with much researching of procedures, discussion with other women who had had reductions, reading many online forums, and a discussion with my GP. I found Ellis Choy via a Google search initially, but then realized he was the same surgeon who removed a skin cancer from my brother’s face a couple of years previously. I spoke with my brother, who recommended Ellis highly, predominantly for the lack of pain he experienced post op, minimal scarring, and Ellis' caring, engaging manner. I decided to meet Ellis myself, and after my initial appointment, where I was made to feel very welcome by the whole team, from Ellis, to his practice manager and nurse, I decided he was the man! And I am so glad I did. From that first appointment to now, almost 3 months later, the experience has been a very positive one. On the day of surgery Ellis and his team were very supportive, and everything went very smoothly. I now have the breasts of a teenager and loving it! They are smaller than I initially thought they would be, but after a few discussions with other women who had regretted not going smaller, as they had put on weight, or grown some breast tissue back in the years after, I am happy with my results. I am probably about a B to C cup. I have seen Ellis in his rooms a few times since the surgery, and was reminded of his drive to please his patients and to really want the best outcome for them and their quality of life. He engages with you personally, to find out what you want and how he can assist you in achieving this, and each step of the way listens to you and your needs, and treats you with the utmost respect. I can only say that my experience, as cliche as it sounds, has been life changing. I feel lighter, more mobile and active, less 'pulled down' by the weight of my breasts, and more comfortable in my body. One of the surprising aspects has been how many people have told me how much younger I look! I never thought that might be a happy by product of the surgery, as it was all about comfort and pain reduction for me, so that's been delightful! If you are considering this life changing operation, I wouldn't hesitate in highly recommending Ellis Choy and his team to walk with you on this very personal journey.