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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Fifi 01/08/2015

Breast Reduction

At 22, just finished my degree and thinking about all the incredible things I wanted to do with my life – I should have been super excited for things to come. But I wasn’t. I woke up one day, at around the age of 13 with these boobs that continued to grow and by 22, I was wearing an 18G. The rest of me wasn’t a size 18 – but those breasts surely were. I had a list of health problems as a result of having boobs bigger than my head. I was quiet, shy and significantly lacking in confidence – because of my breasts. At 16, I was wearing “granny bras” and any bra shopping experience left me feeling deflated, depressed, teary and broke! I was forced to wear baggy clothes making me look overweight and frumpy. I was very active – a true gym-junkie exercising up to 10 times a week, but my exercise efforts were slow and almost redundant because I just couldn’t workout like I wanted – and running was near impossible! I was a shell of the girl I wanted to be. At a regular check-up with my GP, I mentioned these problems and my desire for a reduction. He nodded and said please go and see Dr Ellis Choy. He is a phenomenal surgeon and he will look after you, I very strongly recommend him! So I booked a consultation. And so I began the most incredible, life-changing experience of my life. Dr Choy was so gentle, kind and understanding. I trusted him and felt comfortable around him from the very beginning. I felt assured and calm about the entire process the whole way through. I had done my research and knew that Dr. Choy was extremely well respected in his profession. Dr Choy always took the time and patience to answer my 700 questions and ensure I was knowledgeable and calm about everything. Dr Choy and everyone at Zilver Lining were just beautiful – so kind, caring and accommodating. Throughout my entire experience, I’ve met the most incredible and sincere people who really & truly look after me! I’ve felt safe, comfortable and prepared for my procedure. I am now 6 weeks post-op and I am wearing a 14C bra for the first time since grade 7! I am walking talker, smiling wider and laughing louder. I cannot express more how sincerely happy I am. I am confident and proud. I feel healthier, I’m running faster and feel larger than life. Everyone says how slimmer, healthier and happier I look. I look in the mirror and smile. Getting a Breast Reduction was the best decision I’ve ever made but it wouldn’t have been such an incredible experience, had I not met Dr Choy. He is not only a remarkable surgeon – he is passionate and proud of his work and his patients. He will offer nothing short of an exciting, perfect and impeccable journey for an amazing surgical experience!