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Patient review

Ann576 01/01/1970

Breast Reduction

As far back as I can remember my breasts have been big, somewhere between a cup size E-F and I have always been uncomfortable with my appearance. They have had a huge impact on my life - on my ability to partake in sports, in how people viewed me, and just generally the discomfort of carrying these big breasts around with me. One of the biggest problems was buying clothes. I had resigned myself to always having to buy outsize clothes which I neither liked or fitted me. It took me years to be finally was ready to go ahead with the surgery. I researched my options online and I decided to book a consultation with Dr Choy. From the first appointment until the end of the process I have been truly impressed with Dr. Choy and his team. The excellent reviews I read beforehand matched my experience of Dr. Choy. At every meeting he was easy to talk to and made sure that I understood everything. He was patient in answering all the questions I had and I felt he listened to me - especially about the size I wanted to be afterwards. I was nervous in advance, as this was elective surgery, but everybody involved put me at ease. My experience in the hospital was faultless, with caring, professional nurses and staff. I felt comfortable and taken care of at every stage of the process. My recovery was uneventful - slightly painful, but getting better every day. And I am so happy with the results of the surgery. I hd 1.5 kg removed which is a large reduction, and I am now a C-D cup size. My new breasts look fantastic, there are in proportion, they match my size and frame very well. They are a testament to Dr. Choy’s skill as a surgeon. I could not be happier with how they look. I didn’t expect them to look so good, even this early in the recovery process. (2 weeks) I am surprised how quickly I have become used to my new size. I feel feminine in a way I never thought possible. I am able to wear dresses and other clothes for the first time in my life. Dr. Choy said to me that people are generally very happy with this results of this surgery and often say that they wished they did it years ago. I put off the surgery for years because of what I thought people would think. Because I was overweight as well I never considered that have breast reduction surgery would work for me. Now that I have gone through it I see that most of my fears were unfounded. I have got a new lease of life. I would highly recommend Dr. Choy and his team for this surgery to anyone who is thinking about it. Don’t put it off. You will be glad you did!