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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Tootsy 01/08/2015

Breast Reduction

I am 67 year old who had a breast reduction performed by Dr Ellis Choy. I could not be happier! I think the word is ECSTATIC! The procedure went as planned, although the garment for 6 weeks was not easy but it was so worth it. I had asymmetrical breasts and because of previous cancer surgery on the other breast the difference became more and more obvious to as far as being noticeable in photos. Unknown to me this had a tremendous effect on my mental health. I put the problems to my mental issues down to everything else but the cause. When my cancer surgeon gave me a referral to Dr Choy I was over the moon. This took 8 years due to family history in breast cancer. It was my time, cancellations to appointments and hospital procedures meant that I was operated on and had my 6 weeks check up in less then 2 months. Yippee!!!! My first consultation was brilliant I did not know what to expect, every question was answered all was explained and I immediately had all the confidence in the world where Dr Choy was concerned. My husband reaction was classic he tells everyone he has never seen anyone going in for surgery with a huge smile on my face and that I was terribly impatient for the day to come. I find it very hard to put into words my reaction to all this but ECSTATIC comes close. I can't thank Dr Choy and his team enough.