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Ellis Choy

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Patient review

Gemma6 24/03/2017

Breast Augmentation

An Absolute Great Experience with Dr Choy from Start to Finish! I had always had smaller breasts and was always quite embarrassed about them. I now have had 2 children and after having breastfed both of them, it was as if they had gotten even smaller, so I started thinking about Breast Augmentation. It took me a while to make an appointment as I was so scared and nervous. I had started talking to a friend who had seen Dr Choy for her surgery and after listening to her experience I had decided to make an appointment with Dr Choy. It was the best decision I had made. After walking through the door he made me feel so comfortable and listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve. I then wanted to have my surgery as soon as possible as I was so excited. I had not long stopped breastfeeding and one of my breasts was larger than the other. Dr Choy had suggested that I waited a couple of months as he thought my breast might go down to a similar size to the other and yes he was right, I’m now so glad that I had waited. All the staffs at Dr Choy’s office were so lovely and reassuring, you could call them whenever you liked and they were happy to answer any questions. The day of my surgery I was extremely nervous but everyone at the hospital were amazing and had easily calmed all my nerves. The whole procedure went so smoothly, I also had a quick and relatively pain free recovery. I had my surgery on the Friday and Dr Choy was even calling me early Saturday morning to answer any questions I had and to check up on me to see how I was going. He had even given me his personal contact details in case I felt the need to ring and ask a question at any time. I am now over 6 weeks post-surgery and I am already feeling a whole lot more confident in myself. I am so happy with my new breasts, it’s the best decision I’ve made in making an appointment with Dr Choy, I would recommend him to anyone.