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 Ellis Choy

Ellis Choy

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Patient review

SandraH 01/06/2015

Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck

About ten years ago I started to really hate to look at myself in the mirror as my stomach sagged and my breasts had become larger and larger. They had become just a weight to carry. I found it hard to find clothing I liked to wear. One evening after I got out of the shower I covered myself quickly so my husband would not see me, he said, “you know you can have a tummy tuck and a breast reduction if you want, it’s your time now, our kids have grown up and we can afford these procedures.” I was so happy to hear him say that to me as I had never in my life thought about doing anything like this. It had never occurred to me and I just believed this was going to look for the rest of my life. The support from my husband was amazing but I didn’t share these thoughts with others. I decided to do some research so I went online and googled cosmetic surgery where a few names came up, so I made two appointments. After discussions with two surgeons I chose Dr Choy. The reason for this choice was, I felt comfortable with his professionalism, his approach to giving me the information I needed and showing me lots of his previous works. He discussed the pros and cons of these procedures and putting in the time to help me understand the process, best of all, no pressure. I have now had two procedures with Dr Choy, a tummy tuck which was very uncomfortable for a few weeks and then six months later, a breast reduction which was hardly any pain compared to tummy tuck. No regrets, I would do it again knowing what I went through. I feel like I am a completely different person, not just in my fantastic body change, but for the fact of how I feel about myself, which is great. People make comments on how well I look and ask what is my secret (I don’t tell everyone I’ve had surgery). My real secret is Dr Choy! I like to call him Dr Wow! Thank you so much!