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Patient review

EmmaR 10/02/2017

Tummy Tuck

My weight loss journey was going so well. After lap band surgery in 2008 I had lost 50kg and was reaping the rewards for my hard work - my energy levels were better than ever, I had found that buying clothes at ‘normal’ stores was thrilling and my health was the best it had been for years. The lap band had set me on the path with a 25kg loss, then discovering the benefits of exercise and stable diet had done the rest. The biggest problem was the rolly polly excess skin I was left with around my middle which inhibited me in many ways. Skin irritations were a regularly annoying occurrence , exercising was uncomfortable, even painful at times, then looking in the mirror when naked was horrible, let alone letting my husband see me… NO way!! All that work and yet I still wasn’t content. I had done some basic tummy tuck research online, seen lots of before and after photos (and horror stories!) but I didn’t know if it was the right procedure for me. There was only one way to find out; I got a referral from my GP and made an appointment to see Dr Ellis Choy. Immediately when my husband and I sat down at the consultation we felt comfortable and I knew that I was being listened to. After the Q & A session about my history and expectations, it came time for the physical examination which was confronting but reassured me that I was a good candidate for a radical abdominoplasty. The realistic expectations given to me for what my outcome could be with surgery were glorious, the prospect of being rid of such an annoyingly redundant part of me was amazing and emotional. The decision to proceed with the surgery was not a difficult one. My abdominoplasty day arrived and I was truly excited. After only a few hours in surgery I woke up feeling good, my pain over the next 12 hours was managed beautifully, then bright and early the next day I received a bedside visit from Dr Choy. He explained that all had gone well and he was pleased with my results, and was sure I would be also. The next day I was sitting up out of bed, the day after I was walking the hallways of the hospital. After 5 nights I went home to convalesce, with the proviso of no radical movement and to walk at an angle for 2 weeks to not put pressure on my wound. Two weeks after surgery I returned to work. I’m now over 3 months post-op and, I’m feeling great! I am very pleased with my surgical results and the impact mentally of removing something which was holding me back so much cannot be underestimated. I simply can’t thank Dr Choy enough for all his wonderful work!