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Patient review

Elizabeth44 06/02/2017

Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

I had always known that my breasts were not a “normal” shape or size, however it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I finally did some research and realised that I had a tuberous breast deformity. I had virtually no lower pole to either of my breasts, puffy nipples, and a very wide gap that allowed for no cleavage. I was embarrassed by my chest and felt uncomfortable in a bikini, and I could forget about ever going braless. It was the biggest thing that impacted on my body-confidence; all I wanted was to have a full and feminine shape. After years of hiding under extra padded push up bras, I decided to do some research into breast augmentation surgery for tuberous breasts. I decided to book a consultation with Dr Ellis Choy as he had extensive plastic surgery experience with particular expertise in reconstructive breast surgery, and from day one I knew he was the right surgeon for me. At my first consultation, Dr Choy confirmed that I had a tuberous breast deformity and explained very clearly to me the options for surgery that aligned with the look I was hoping to achieve. Dr Choy’s knowledge and transparency in regards to my post-operative expectations and recovery was very reassuring, and made me feel at ease with the process. There was always time to answer all my questions, which was highly appreciated. On the 6th of February 2017, I had a bilateral breast augmentation with 495CC high profile anatomical implants placed over the muscle, internal breast scoring and lowering of my breast fold. Dr Choy and his team were always a quick phone call away if I had any questions or concerns, and this was very comforting throughout my early post-operative period. Now over 3 months after my operation, my implants have settled in nicely and my scars are beautifully neat – hardly noticeable now that I have underboob! I have not found that I am restricted with exercise and have returned to my full gym routine without a hitch, which was a huge thing for me. I am so glad to say farewell to all my extra padded push up bras, and can’t wait until next summer when I can confidently wear a bikini on the beach. I received exactly what I asked for. I have a very natural and proportionate look that has completely transformed my overall body shape, and I can’t thank Ellis enough for his work.