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Patient review

zoeystar 17/05/2017

Breast Implant Revision

In 2015 I went on a quest to find a Plastic surgeon to correct my breasts after losing 35kgs they were horrible and deflated. I found a surgeon he was lovely and caring and being my first surgery I felt at ease with him due to his caring nature, I went forward with my procedure and had the lift with implants in October 2015 At first I was pretty happy with my results given there was a lift that corrected my saggy breast and I had more upper pole, but unfortunately within a few weeks I noticed that they weren’t sitting as high as I hoped and felt the implants moved a lot around my chest wall, Weeks past and I went back to have a check-up with my surgeon he was happy with the results and said to just wait it out due to the fact it was still early days and things could change but unfortunately as time went by the skin on my lower breast stretched more and more, unhappy… particularly when I lied down my breast would fall into my armpit, so I went to my surgeon and he agreed that my pockets needed tightening with a second procedure. Again within a few weeks I felt that my outcome was not what I hoped for and felt my skin was still too lose and I felt saggy for someone that had a full lift (wise pattern) and 300cc implants. I was then told that unfortunately given the fact that my skin was so stretched with lots of laxity that there wasn’t much else I could do and this was the best result someone in my position was able to achieve, I was devastated. I found myself crying and feeling horrible that I still couldn’t wear certain clothes and hated the way they looked without a bra. I went on a mission to get some more opinions with other surgeons since my original DR had done all he could, I had different responses and was told another Lift would possibly correct the problem. I knew they could be improved by another lift but by how much? And would I be content with those results? I never felt very convinced and even though I was told “yes I can fix this and Yes this is easy to correct I felt like I wasn’t ready to just jump into another surgery given the fact this would now be my 3rd and I really wanted to be sure. I had a total of 6 consults with multiple plastic surgeons. DR Choy was one for those surgeons from my first consult I was really happy with the way he communicated with me (my consult was simply the best I have every experienced by a mile) We spoke about the things I was looking for and how we could achieve those results given the circumstances. Everything was explained so clearly all questions were answered in such detail, I never felt rushed and